So aside from the typical weariness, my mom is doing pretty dang GOOD. We talked yesterday and she passed along these words: 

-The insurance has no certain requirement of chemo doses before she can have her next PET scan… this is good because her doctor is wanting to do another scan after round two or three and some insurance companies require at least five rounds of chemo before another PET scan can be performed. The PET scan reveals all the places cancer is present in the body… and hopefully next time, it will also reveal all the places where cancer is NOT present in the body 🙂

As far as prayer goes, please pray for my mom’s emotional roller coaster as she has already begun losing her hair. The upside she told me is that she keeps trying to focus on how the reality of her hair loss means the chemo is killing the cancer. Your faithful prayers are coveted. 

***More updates on Peggy and my mom’s most recent blood work coming on Thursday. A quick side note: Just before I sat down to write this, my niece Lyndee was rushed to the ER for possible appendicitis in the ongoing saga of my family’s medical whirlwind. So please say a prayer for her… she’s five years old and in lots of pain… not to mention that hospitals can be scary.


I have attempted to gather my thoughts like this before, but I never really saw or felt a need for it. So like many things, my previous attempts quickly faded. However, I need a place to think and gather and share. I feel like so much of my life is catered toward others to help them process and nudge them forward a bit that I rarely receive the opportunity to truly revel in what is taking place in me. Well, here it is… a little less than neat… more unanswered than sure… and certainly unexpected and unpredictable.